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About me

Helena means in ancient Greek 'Bringer of Light'

Cheltenham has been home for over 25 years prior to this and enjoyed living in Japan and Ecuador.

 Japan influenced by their traditional interiors, Buddhist and Shinto traditions.

I developed a love for spaces that are simple and beautiful, with a connection to the natural world.

Back in England, I trained as a Personal Trainer, Fitness and Aerobics Instructor. This leads to interest in how the mind affects the body and vice versa, and I became a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach.

Following this, my wellbeing and happiness profoundly shifted when I then studied Nutritional Healing and Detoxing.

My regular Yoga practise progressed to my training in India as a teacher, and I am very grateful to my Yoga teachers in India for inspiring me to share my light, be authentic and live my life with purpose and service.

I love teaching Yoga and Meditation. 

For me Yoga is a lifestyle, I don’t just teach a set of stretches, I share ways of releasing the tension, connecting to ourselves, becoming more spiritual, mindful, confident, kind and compassionate.

 I enjoy interior design and creating the right atmosphere for clients is very important to me.

I practice the Latihan of Subud, which is a Spiritual Movement begun in Indonesia, I also study Buddhist teaching and Yoga philosophy.

I believe we become more grounded in our happiness and fulfilment with

 greater capacity cope with modern life,

if we live holistically balancing  Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, do ask me after class.


The light in me honours the light in you.

Helena Rachel 

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I never intended to be a spiritual teacher it happened organically and in a synchronised way.

My friend was running workshops on retreats and was not finding the experience easy. I went to help and found to my surprise it came naturally to me. I just needed to relax, tune into to my inner stillness and everything flowed.

The words just came, inner wisdom that, I did not know I had.

This lead to women coming to me for guidance and advise. I felt blessed to be able to bring comfort to many who are struggling.

A chanel and conduit, willing to be of service.

I have now lots count of the number of retreats and workshops I have run. I am still humbled and in awe of the process.

Many people say I should write a book about my life, extraordinary spiritual experiences, maybe I will one day?

Here is a little bit about my background, if you would like to know more just ask.

I grew up with spiritual parents, they practiced Gurdjieff and Subud. My mother organised many spiritual congress and gathering all over Europe.

Even through I had a very spiritual upbringing I did not become spiritual aware and connected until I was 40, when

I had a deep shift in consciousness while recovering from addictions, detoxing for a year studying nutritional healing. I had some very powerful spiritual experiences that helped me heal and changed my perception of my life. I became aware of my souls journey and understood the gifts and blessings in all of my pain and challenges.

Since then the feeling of being guided has never left me.

Over the last 15 years Subud has been my central spiritual exercise . But I have followed many teachers and other practices. I have been particularly informed and influenced by Shaja and Ziva Meditation, Wayne Dyer, Lorna Byrne, Anita Moorjani,

Davidji, and Tara Brach.

I lived in a Kadampa Buddhist centre and temple for a year and one of my favourite friends is a Buddhist nun and teacher.

While doing my Kundalini teacher training with Indian teachers from Adiyogpeeth Ashram, I experienced a deep spiritual cleansing and healing, this lead on to

me doing my Mindfulness and Meditation teacher training with Santosha Institude.

I see my self as more as a guide than a teacher. Everyone’s spiritual

experience is individual and personal.

I don’t use the word God, Universe, Divine or Source.

I describe spiritual energy as “ LOVING PRESENCE”.

When we become fully focused in this moment, ‘the here and the now’

calming down the distractions of the mind, we can tune into and become aware of the ‘ ‘ ‘Loving Presence’ that is within us and

all around us.

This experience feels deeply peaceful and nourishing. Many people report a sense of their heart feeling open and full of love.