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About me

Helena means 'Bringer of Light' in ancient Greek.

My mission in life is to spread more happiness, inner peace and wellbeing.

I believe happiness and fulfilment comes from living holistically and harmoniously in mind, body and spirit – a philosophy that was first instilled in me while attending a spiritual retreat with my mother at just four years old. Later, I was introduced to the Buddhist, Shinto and Wabi Sabi belief systems while living in Japan and this awoke a life-long desire to learn more about connecting the mind and body and to help others find inner peace.

I took the first step on my journey by becoming a personal trainer, nutritional healer and health and happiness coach, specialising in Kokoro neuro-linguistic programming (N.L.P.), emotional freedom technique (E.F.T) and thought field therapy (T.F.T.). These are techniques I have spent the past 12 years practising. As a coach, I am naturally passionate about teaching others to become more spiritual and mindful, and this led me to progress my own Yoga practise and train as a Yoga teacher in India.

Alongside Yoga, coaching and my own spiritual Subud practice, I am addicted to learning about happiness, Japanese philosophies (such as Kintsukuroi and the KonMari Method) and I’m continuously seeking new techniques to help others live more authentically and create the life they desire.