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Happology  Coaching

Everybody’s journey is unique, coaching is a truly personal experience. By working together, I can help you to move past any old limitations, reconnect to yourself, your Soul and unlock your true potential.

How it works

Drawing from many years of experience, I  recommend new ways forward.

 I can help with;

  • Recovering from trauma, relationship break ups, grief 
  • Relationship your body and food
  • Confidence, self-belief and identity struggles
  • Coping with change and challenges 
  • Developing spiritual awareness and connection to your soul

Even after our coaching sessions have ended, I keep in touch with you to ensure the techniques we’ve been working on are helping you to live the transformative journey we started.


 Enhancing  mind, body and spirit. 

This approach involves reprogramming thoughts using techniques, such as N.L.P, 

EFT, and meditation,

 to influence your behaviours and improve holistic health, wellbeing and happiness.

Where do we start?


We can met in person, this is my preference.

I have the use of multiple locations in and around Cheltenham and so we can discuss which works best for you.

Sessions are £75 per hour.

Video Call

We can arrange video calls where you would prefer and discuss which you feel most comfortable with.

Sessions are £55 per hour.

Get in touch with me to enhance  your journey towards creating a 

healthier, happier, more meaning full life.

Work with me