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Meditations For Wellbeing

Greater Happiness And Health

Meditate Be Present

10 mins

Mindfulness talk

15 mins

Relax... Be Present..... Breathe..... Enjoy!

Kim Eng leads us in a relaxing

breathing practice

10 Mins

Russell Brand talks about Meditation

10 Mins

Feel Better Today!

Beginners Guide No1

With Sadia

Increase positive energy, calmness and productivity

6 Mins

for Vegan food, and great Lifestyle Videos

Mindfulness Vipassana Meditation No2

6 Mins

Take the 21 day Challenge

21 Days of Abundance with

Depax Chropra

You can find the rest of the videoes on my Youtube  chanel playlists

21 Days of Hope with Oprah and Depax

You can find the rest of the videoes on my playlist