Retreats and Workshops

My mother was a retreat organizer and cook for Subud International,

I went on my first spiritual retreat when I was 4yrs in Norway.

So it was very natural for me to follow in my Mothers footsteps,   getting involved in organizing spiritual events when I was 15yrs. I ran my first weekend retreat when I was 17yrs as part of the first Subud Youth International.

I have been very blessed, I have helped run retreats and congresses in the U.K, Ecuador, Italy and most recently in

Germany where I taught Yoga at Subud World Congress

Wellbeing Workshops

For the last few years I have run wellbeing workshops at The Greenway Hotel hopefully we shall resume again soon.

Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, U.K

I am planning on running a Women's weekend retreat in 2021.

Yoga, Nutritional Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Massage, DoTERRA essential oils, meditation

This is one of my favourite venues, I have lost count how many events I have been to here,

all of them have been magical.