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Corporate Mediatation- Yoga- N.L.P

Stress sign-offs from work are an expensive cost for Empolyers. The business world is now realising that happy workers are productive workers.

Yoga and Meditation helps us become healthier and happier by working holistically with the whole person. The mind and body are intrinsincally linked, when we cause a postive change in the body our mood  improves.  Conversely when we calm our thoughts, deepen our breath, take in more oxygen, cortisol reduces and serotonin increases.

Progressive businesses are looking to bring the holistic benefits of Meditation and Yoga to their staff. HelenaHathaYoga offers Yoga and Meditation

sessions in the work place.

8am Wake up Yoga - 60 min

1pm Lunch Time Meditation - 30 min

6pm Yoga Hatha Flow + Relaxation - 60 mins

Powerful NLP methods, positive visualisation techniques and breath work give a full mind and body experience.

Using the lastest scientific reasearch form the

HeartMaths Institude

  A  30 minute lunch time meditation session can reduce afternoon tiredness,

boost ability to make good decisions,

improve capacity to process information.

  Help raise level of congnitive skills which useally drop around 3.30 pm

 Bespoke packages help reduce stress, improve focus, creativity, self esteem, memory and productivity.